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Polish scouts from Lwów (Lviv)
Polish scouts from Lwów (Lviv) – 1911

Scouting come into being exactly one hundred years ago (1910-1911). That was very hard time for polish people, because as the country Poland were not exist. Weak and defenceless Poland was partitioning at the turn of XVIII and XIX century between Russia, Austria and Prussic, and thereby she disappeared from maps. Scouting on old polish territory was growing in strength among people concentrated in patriotic and para-military organization.

We are team with very long traditions, 77th Masovian Scout Team was started about 1930 in Żyrardów. Unfortunately a lot of mementos wasn’t kept from that time, because The Second World War practically wiped our country off the face of the globe. War is also personal wastage for team, because our scouts participated in that. Just after The Second World War, survivors tried to reactivate scout team, but unfortunately communistic repressions made it impossible. On the second incorporation of the 77th Masovian Scout Team we were waiting almost 30 years.


77 Masovian Scout Team - archival photo
77 Masovian Scout Team – archival photo


77 Masovian Scout Team was reactivated in 1984 and incessantly work now, what is big attainment. What’s more since 1984 we have had the same team leader and to today we have few person function active with 15 years or more probation. Estimate calculation are suggests, that since reactivated in 1984 , almost half thousands young people joined our scout team. From a few years our team is feel extremely good, in gather group of really ambitious and hard-working scouts with we’re meeting every Sunday on assembly, going to bivouac, camps and scouts musters.


77 Masovian Scout Team - current photo
77 Masovian Scout Team – current photo

77 Masovian Scout Team is coeducational , actually composed of 5 group:

  • Patrol LXXVII „Mammoths” (the oldest people in team + team leader)
  • Patrol VII „Bisons” (scout network)
  • Patrol I „Foxes” (girls)
  • Patrol III „Wildcats” (younger boys)
  • Patrol IV „Wolves” (older boys)
  • Patrol V „Bears” (younger boys)


We’re love forest and we’re usually there… in fact only freezing cold and storm push us to go to builds. Our team have typical military character, on assembly we’re wear camouflage cloths , we have also military interests. We’re like very much paint ball battles, shouting from pneumatic gun to objects, terrain game with map and compass or different kind come upping.


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We’re putting lots of pressure, so that our scouts can manage in forest… in unnecessarily good conditions. Of course we’re try to don’t fall in sadness or boredom … our daily meetings are great fun and lots of laugh. If it’s possible , we’re trying leave our home town. We’re going to bivouac or camps in Poland or abroad. In last few years we were visited most of European countries and it isn’t enough for us ;)


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